Kids Gobble Wobble Dash


The Kids Gobble Wobble Races Start at 9:15 am.

Late Registration Closes at 9 am 

Start staging kids next to finish line area at 9:10 am


Kids Gobble Wobble Race Schedule:

Diaper Dash Under 2yrs: 9:15 am Start: 15 yards

Kids 2-4:  9:20  Start / Distance:  50 yards

Kids 5-7:  9:25 Start  /  Distance:  100 yards

Kids 8-10 9:28 Start /  Distance:  1/4 mile

Kids 11-12  9:30 Start / Distance:  1/2 mile


If you're only registered for Gobble Wobble Races, please come early and try to arrive by 8:15am.   Enter through the first Jeffry entrance ONLY.  All other's will be closed for the race.  If you're registered for the 5k, and have kids in the Gobble Wobble Dash,  please finish in time to get your kids to their race. 


All races start and end at the Finishline arch.  We'll start lining up the kids at 9:10 am.  Look for our volunteers holding up age division signs and make sure your kids are in the right area.  Each group will line up "outside of the finish line path"  to keep it clear for finishers to come through and get their medals.  After each race we'll bring out the next group.  A race official will lead each race through the course so the kids know who to follow and where to go.  Hopefully they don't out run us!  Those little ones are fast!

The kids races are designed as fun runs and not timed.   In order to accomodate all the kids and give them some elbow room, we highly encourage them to run without an accompaning adult.  We understand it can be scary so each child may run with 1 adult if necessary.  The adult does not need to register but must come in a fabulous turkey costume.  (Just kidding but it's more fun if you do!)  You'll have a great time but won't receive a medal, shirt or pie.  If your child really needs 2 adults then please line up in the back of the pack and be sure to wear a holiday hat!


If your child wants to run shorter then the distance of their division, they may start with a younger division or simply turn around sooner anywhere along the course.  There's no penalty flags at the Turkey Trot!  We want a positive expericence for everyone.  If your child is younger and wants to run futher they may start with a later division and run longer.   All kids will receive a medal, tshirt and slice of pie with refreshments.


Races are exciting and can be dauting to new comers.  Please come early so kids can get familiar with the area and see the start and finish line.  By watching other runners finish it may help boost their confidence and avoid potential melt downs.  It may happen anyways and that's why we have PIE!  Yes!  :)  


Everyone wants a great photo and there's plenty of space for people to take pictures along the side on these short courses.  We don't line the next set of kids up until all kids have finished the race prior.  As kids run through the finish you can grab a great picture and have them get their medal.  

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